Effectively managing risk is paramount to any business. To manage risk, an organization must first be aware of the hazards it is exposed to; it must understand the negative consequences of those hazards if they are realized. It must possess a reasonable estimate of the likelihood of that consequence occurring. Only then can a business develop strategies to reduce or eliminate risk systematically. River Rock Consulting has extensive facilitation experience in several methodologies of Hazard Identification, Consequence and Probability Estimation, and Risk Treatment, including

  • PHA
  • LOPA
  • Bow-Tie
  • Event Tree
  • Scenario-Based Risk Assessment

River Rock Consulting can provide customized risk ranking criteria (risk matrices), risk reduction action tracking, and residual risk exposure stewardship processes that are in full compliance with ISO 31000 / IEC 31010 – International Standards on Risk Management.


Our personnel have provided a range of these engineering services for many satisfied clients over the years.